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Meet our exceptional team at Coverworks Plus. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our dedicated professionals are passionate about providing top-notch service and delivering outstanding results.

Billie White
Billie White is a dynamic and dependable customer service professional who recently took over as the owner of Coverworks Plus Home Design Center L.L.C. in Baker City, Oregon. Hailing originally from Texas, Billie has over 20 years of experience in the flooring and countertop industry. She is also an active member of several prestigious professional organizations, including the National Home Builders Association, Texas Home Builders Association, Northeast Oregon Home Builders Association, Natural Stone Institute, and the American Society of Interior Designers. With a proven track record of providing exceptional service to both organizations and customers, Billie is known for her outstanding communication, relationship-building, and influencing skills. Her membership in these organizations reflects her commitment to staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, and her passion for advancing the field of home building and interior design. Throughout her career, Billie has built strong customer relationships that inspire confidence and loyalty. She has a keen ability to understand customer needs and deliver solutions that exceed expectations. Her efficiency and team leadership experience have earned her a reputation for achieving outstanding results in various environments. Billie is known for her adaptability and quick learning ability, allowing her to excel in new environments and learn new processes with ease. She has a strong ability to multitask, prioritize, and organize, which enables her to lead and support her team members effectively. She thrives in high-pressure, fast-paced environments with minimal supervision and consistently delivers exceptional performance. As the new owner of Coverworks Plus, Billie brings her expertise, passion for customer service, and active involvement in professional organizations to drive the company's success. Her exceptional leadership skills, customer-centric approach, and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to the organization. With her dedication to providing outstanding service, advancing the industry, and building lasting relationships, Billie Jo is poised to lead Coverworks Plus to new heights
Billie White


Theresa has led a diverse and fulfilling life filled with varied experiences that have shaped her into who she is today. She began her journey singing in a rock band briefly before dedicating five years to teaching kindergarten in Tucson. Following her teaching career, Theresa embarked on an entrepreneurial path, establishing a small business in San Diego. Her unique venture involved using people's cherished collections to redecorate their homes, adding a personal touch to their living spaces. In addition to her business endeavors, Theresa gained valuable retail experience during her five-year tenure at Mervyns in San Diego. However, her love for nature led her to work in Sequoia National Park for two years and Yellowstone for five years, contributing to preserving these stunning natural environments. Theresa's entrepreneurial spirit resurfaced when she owned a restaurant in Secopa, CA, for five years. Managing the establishment taught her important lessons about running a business and providing excellent food and service to customers. Passionate about education, Theresa spent five years teaching K-6 grades in a two-room schoolhouse in Death Valley alongside a dedicated colleague. Together, they created a nurturing environment that positively impacted the lives of their students. For the past 16 years, Theresa has been part of Coverworks, starting with the first owners, Fern and Bob, and continuing with Mark, Stacy, and now Billie. She has amassed unmatched knowledge of the flooring and blinds industry and enjoys strong relationships with the majority of their customers. Outside of work, Theresa indulges in her love for photography, particularly capturing the beauty of nature. She has conquered impressive feats like reaching the summit of Mount Whitney and Half Dome in Yosemite. Her passion for travel has taken her on countless adventures across the United States and Canada, covering approximately a million miles. Theresa also finds joy in biking, rescuing and nurturing needy kitties, creating vibrant murals in her bathroom and kitchen, and tending to her garden, filled with flowers and houseplants. In summary, Theresa's life has been remarkable, filled with diverse experiences and a constant drive for personal growth. Her warm smile and kind words make everyone feel welcome, reflecting her genuine and caring nature.


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