How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

Cordless Blinds

Have you ever imagined having a high-tech home that gives you complete control over the lighting and its privacy? Then consider using new window treatments like cordless blinds. 

Cordless blinds are one of the most popular covering types in Baker City, Oregon today. With its convenience, safety, and elegant aesthetic, you can never go wrong with your purchase!

What are Cordless Blinds?

A cordless blind is a type of window covering that consists of adjustable horizontal or vertical slats to control the incoming light. Unlike other blinds, it has no strings and rods on its top rails.

Traditionally, blinds rely on adjustments with the help of cords or chains to fully work. But with the continuous advancement of technology, the emergence of cordless blinds eliminates this manual work by adding enhanced functionality and safety. 

Working Mechanism of Cordless Blinds

Two ways to operate cordless blinds are Bluetooth technology and remote control. 

  • Bluetooth technology

Cordless blinds integrated with Bluetooth technology open a whole new experience for many homeowners. 

Bluetooth helps facilitate wireless communication between blinds and devices. Simply put, you will have full control of the blinds’ motor even without touching it. All you need to make this work is your smartphone, tablet, or any other dedicated device. 

  • Remote Control

Meanwhile, remote control offers a similar experience with Bluetooth technology. However, instead of a smartphone or any other electronic device, you can only control the blinds using a remote control.

Remote control usually offers an intuitive experience to homeowners. You can use this control to raise, lower or tilt the blinds based on your preference. 

Now don’t get too worried in case of any power interruption in Baker, OR. Although cordless blinds are operated with these two features, they can still be manually adjusted even without electricity.

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